A guy’s new year resolution.

‘Welcome! to the year 2015.  For it is the year i intend to marry’.

We all definitely have resolutions to make most especially when an event occurs in our lives; birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or even when we graduate from a college. Either in the form of a decree, promise, decision, determination or solution.

In his firmness of mind and purpose this guy was determined to marry. But he is dating three girls and will have to choose among them. ‘How will i choose’? he asked himself. Then he thought of a plan, to avoid emotional entanglements with any of them, he will have to use their weaknesses against them.

Jane is a woman of mean understanding and uncertain temper. Ann is hostile and aggressive always ready to start a fight. Poly is emotionally unstable and somehow unpredictable. He will have to choose among these behaviors.

Much as you are determined to do something you must also consider the possible obstacles and outcomes to help achieve a successful accomplishment. Marriage is not like going on a window shopping or walking into a grocery store and  buying any item that attracts you.

As you resolve to make 2015 a great year, keep focused, so you may not be distracted by the ‘potholes’ called disappointments on the road.


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